Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lookie what I found!!!!!!

I found an old spell book that I started last year.   I put it away because Halloween was over and I moved on to Christmas.   Now that I bring it back out to finish, I am excited to get back to work on it.
Click on each picture and they should enlarge for your viewing pleasure......

 I used vintage red flocked wallpaper on this page.   I also burnt the edges of the spell papers.

 I inserted a transparency in between the album pages
 My little paper doll backed on black velvet
 I tied a frozen charlotte to this page as I felt it matched the spell.

I'll keep you posted.... bwa ha ha ha ha!!!


  1. oooohhhh, ooooohhhh, the halloween book is coming out FABULOUS!!!!! You inspire me.

  2. Loving the spooky spell book....that is going to be my new project! I have always wanted to make one! Yours is amazing! I am a scrapbooker turned art journaler too, though I still scrapbook, but I find myself adding photos to my art journals more and more! So tickled I found your blog.