Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goin vintage kitchen.....

Eeek, beware of Ben Ben!!  He somehow always sneeks up on you and waits for you to drop something he can nibble on....  (P.S. JUST CLICK ON THIS PICTURE AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE FILM ROLL AND YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING CLOSE UP!)

So one day while wandering through one of my favorite vintage stores, I found a vintage pink rolling pin and that was all she wrote!!   I fell in love with vintage kitchen wares and started to stalk etsy and ebay!!!    I forever had red and white crochet pot holders from my grandma and had them stuffed away.   I brought them out and hung them everywhere.

  I hung them on the side cubboard and above the kitchen sink.  I bought the vintage clock before I even started thinking of going vintage and it just works.
 I found this lovely teal bread box on Etsy.    I already had the aqua Kitchenaid mixer, and it was shoved up in the cubboards for years anddddd, there she is.... the pink rolling pin, tipped in aqua!!!
 I found the fun aqua dish strainer on ebay!
 I had the aqua teapot, which I found at Home Goods last year.   I had the pink toleware tray for about 10 years and it was hidden on top of the fridge.  I bought the turquoise towels at Target and draped them with vintage cloth napkins.

 I used to show off my plates in the plate racks, but I use my cookbooks so much, especially the crockpot books, I thought I would store them here to make them easily accessible.
 I got lucky with these red vintage kitchen canisters on Etsy.   They were up for only 2 days at $29.00 before I snagged them.  Eeeek, so happy!!!!
 I already had the box of Lux soap flakes hiding out in the laundry room for about 10 years.   It has never been opened and still has the soap flakes inside.  

 I stacked up all of my little crystal salt and pepper shakes on top of a red cake plate and I love the look.
 I found my little Aunt Jemima spice jars $29.00 on Ebay.   I love Americana!!
 Among my crystal salt & pepper shakers, I found the little Boston Terror, ha ha I mean Terriers on Ebay!!  If you only knew what a terror Benny is!!!
But I really wanted these babies bad!

 There she is again!!! Luv, Luv, Luv!!

I think my vintage phase may be here to stay!!   The moral of this story is.....learn to shop in your home and you might find your own style that you did not even know you had!!!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Love your kitchen missy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colors and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!