Sunday, December 11, 2011

My very own "Charlie Brown Tree"

So today, we went to search for our christmas tree and we went to our friend's tree lot. The first thing I see is this little beauty and decided "She is the One". My family looked at me in horror, like I just developed a case of Lepercy and the "Chicken Pox" at the same time.......

 But I could not take my eyes of her and I actually think I heard her call my name!!!!

 I was going to have her at all costs!!!!!
  So our friends came over and tried to joke with us and said "Here is your flocked tree!"   Hubby said "you don't understand, she really wants this tree!!""   Tommy laughed and said "No No, this tree was badly damaged and nobody would ever buy this tree, so we flocked it red for fun!""  
 The girls actually grew to like it real quick and thought it would be kind of cool and make some kind of a "tree statement" ..... I just loved the red and wanted to rescue it!!!

 She is much loved and we all agree that this is the best tree we ever had!!!!!
We decorated her with white roses, velvet bees and dragonflies, glass ladybugs, and darling mushrooms and a bit more............

 I dont think we can ever go back to green!!!!!


  1. Karen - what an amazing tree! I totally love it and just know it found the right home. Enjoy the holidays with your family.