Saturday, October 8, 2011

Little Vignettes!!

I just playing around today with some of my favorite little collections, that usually just stay put away, and  I came up with a few vignettes.   Below are antique school books for elementary school.   Most of them are from the late 1800's.  Just click on the picture to enlargen it and you will see the details in these books.

These plates have just been stacked up under a table and hidden.  They are just to pretty to not be displayed.

I know you are just dying to see a close up of the frame vignette!

This was just a old frame with with nothing in it, so I hung it up and put a vintage needlepoint picture inside.

I lovely little candle vingette, with one of my favorite candles from Jenny Holiday.

More of lovely treasures from Jenny.   I had to tea signs and covered them with vintage music paper and hung two more of my favorite saucers.

  Below is a retro red clock and some of my favorite vintage dress doilies that are now hanging over my kitchen sink.  
I even have an Aunt Jemima dress doilie and she is my favorite.

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